1. Should I use a hair and make up team for my session?

Yes! Having your hair and make up done for your session can be a confidence booster! It is a way to have a team of experts help bring out the best version of you! A professional hair and make up team can help bring our creative vision together ! If you are interested in using a hair and/OR make up team pleaE ASK AT TIME OF BOOKING AND WE WILL GET YOU THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR YOU!

2. What should I wear to my session? How many outfits can I bring?

Outfits are SO important for senior pictures but the #1 most important thing for a senior session is be YOURSELF! Its fun as new trends can be keep in mind to stay true to yourself! Bring outfits that compliment your style and who you are! My personal favorite outfits are casual graphic tshirts, boyfriend style jeans, barefoot, layers, maxi dresses and flowy skirts! My big no-nos are neon colors, bright whites, tight fitted dresses and shorts, exposed bralettes. 

As far as how many outfits I recommend styling AS many outfits that come with your session but bringing 2 back ups! Lots of accessories and shoes! 

ps. I am VERY into fashion so if you want my help/opinion I would be more than happy to help you!

3. Should I bring someone to my session?

YES! As long as you are comfortable posing around them and can be your full self! I think your senior photos are something you should be able to do with your parent or guardian! A best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend always makes a great prop too ;)

4. Where are we going to take my photos ? 

This is by far my number one asked question after we schedule a session! A location can determine a theme of a photo session! Picking a location much like your outfits needs to represent you! Don't like the sand or being dirty? Then the beach probably isn't for you! Your location should reflect you in every way! I have multiple location routes I love to use, after scheduling a date for your session we will discus your vision and I will help make it a reality! 

*Travel fees start after 20 miles outside the joplin metro area

5. How long does it take to get my photos?

We all get so excited once our session is over, you go home and want all your pictures immediately!! Of course that is impossible but, Preston luke strives for excellence and does not want to keep you waiting. Thats why all seniors by preston luke will receive your full gallery within 7 days of your session.

Props props props! I love goodies! If you follow my work you know I LOVE CONFETTI! I also love glitter! I love clients who bring along their four legged animal friends as well! Sometimes in a session less can be more! Using our location and nature can be a perfect prop! I am not the biggest fan of chalk board and large over sized chairs. Simple stools or balloons are a great creative way to express a vision! 

6. What props should I bring?

The best natural light is the first two hours of sun and the last two. We will schedule our session 2 hours before sunset or after sunrise!

7. What time will our session be?

If you are inquiring about a senior session please click here

If you are inquiring about a couples session, maternity or lifestyle session please click here

8. How much is a session?

So, at the time of booking a separate fee of $25 is due in order to get your name on the schedule. that can be paid with a debit card through the ‘Cash App". the full balance of your senior session will be due the day of your session and that can be paid by either cash or card through the “Cash App”

9. When is my money due?