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What is team nineteen?

Team nineteen is an exclusive group from the class of 2019. They are selected to take part in my senior model team and represent me throughout the 2018-19 school year. I am looking for OUTGOING, FUN, style-driven students who are very active in social media and interested in fashion and editorial styles of photography.

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Perks of being on Team Nineteen

1. HIGHLY discounted senior pictures. The Team Nineteen fee is only $500 dollars ($1,100 value)

2. You will receive two full senior sessions as well as two group sessions. Also, you will get chances to model throughout the semester for Preston Luke and the brands he works with.

3. You get to be the face of Preston Luke Media

4. Receive awesome senior pictures and have a great time doing it.

5. A Team Nineteen t-shirt

6. Make lots of new friends

7. Major bragging rights

8. For the first time EVER one of the selected senior models has a chance to win a destination shoot for FREE! Where will we go? Colorado, Texas, Arizona??


This is going to be a very exciting year so get yourself applied and maybe I will speak with you soon!

All applications will be submitted to an outside party for judging and will be presented to PLM for finalization...

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